Yoneyama-Mai premium rice, grown on magnificent land

Yoneyama Nosan is situated in Nyuzen, Toyama.
These lands are blessed by environmental conditions unmatched anywhere else in the world.
Let us introduce this amazing region where we make Yoneyama-Mai

Irrigation from the snow of 3000 meter-plus mountains

The Northern Alps snowbelt. Fresh water from snowmelt flows non-stop through spring and summer. These powerful currents have created deep v-shaped valleys, and bring along a wealth of minerals to form Kurobe River that hydrates the earth.

Rushing river currents unearth nature’s beauty: the alluvial fan of Kurobe River

Water rushing down from the mountains flowed through the plains and created an alluvial fan. People from around the world praise its charm, claiming there is no region of this shape with such beauty.

The rice fields of Nyuzen

Zooming in on this fan-shaped landscape, we find a rustic countryside of scattered farmsteads, very characteristic of Toyama.

Mineral-rich surface stream water that permeates this region yields a variety of delicious crops.

The bounty of the Northern Alps provides the fresh water that flows through this land and into Toyama Bay.

A harmony of clear water and mountain winds

The cool “Arase” wind, calling from the Northern Alps, engenders a day/night temperature change that encourages rice to grow well and adds flavor. Clear, mineral-rich water and the mountain breeze cooperate to make excellent tasting rice.

Rice filled with the culture and heart of Nyuzen

After harvesting rice stalks filled with the goodness of the land, we dehydrate it at room temperature. Then following post-husking quality checks, the grain is kept in a low-temperature storage house to preserve freshness. We polish and package the rice on demand, so customers always receive the freshest product possible. The steam that slowly billows up from just-cooked rice carries a gentle aroma. Each grain has a strong sweetness, umami and adhesiveness, so every bite shares the spotlight with any main dish.

We hope you’ll try Yoneyama-Mai, our pride and joy, grown in the caring hands of our staff from the bountiful Northern Alps and alluvial fan of Kurobe River.

A wealth of seafood from Toyama Bay

Making its way through the alluvial fan, snowmelt from the Northern Alps arrives finally at Toyama Bay. This constant supply of minerals and life creates a natural fishing preserve, providing an abundant source of delicious seafood.

In addition, warm ocean currents from the southern islands along with the cool, deep waters of the Sea of Japan create a unique environment for both warm- and cold-water sea life. Toyama Bay has a variety of good food choices, thanks to the natural grace of the mountains and sea.