Commitment to Agriculture

米山農産 農業へのこだわり 富山県 コシヒカリ


商品紹介/特別栽培米「米山米」をオンラインショップで販売中。富山県入善産 コシヒカリ


We provide you with the best nature can produce.

The land is pristine in Nyuzen, Toyama. The alluvial fan of the Kurobe River lies in the bosom of the Tateyama Mountain Range, which is above 3,000 meters. The pure water from melted snow flowing down the Kurobe River, combined with the cold morning and evening wind called Arase blowing from Tateyama are natural elements unique to Nyuzen and instrumental in creating this excellent rice. The abundance of natural water, weather and land allow us to grow the finest agricultural products for you, our customer.

米山農産オンラインショッピング 富山県 コシヒカリ

Yoneyama Nosan is a direct shop to offer our products ( Koshihikari or other). No international orders

米山農産オンラインショッピング 富山県 コシヒカリ

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台北精米所 三代目俵屋玄兵衛

To the people living in Taiwan. We have begun to deal in Yoneyama-Mai in Taiwan. Please check our web site.